History of the Department of Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology KFU

Department of Pharmacology


The Department of Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology was opened in 2011 and became the first medical Department of the Kazan University in the 21st century.

In 2015 Cochrane Russia was established as a branch of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, with the coordinating hub at Kazan Federal University.

The Department of Pharmacology is a general training department, which carries out educational and research activities in the field of biomedical and medical sciences, as well as training and retraining of teaching and research staff working in biomedical and medical field.

The main objective of the Department today is the organization and development of educational, research and expert platform through which basic and applied provisions of pharmacology would receive practical implementation in creating at KFU innovative domestic medicines, in the implementation of international principles of pharmaceutical regulation, and rational use of medicines in health care practice.

There are 9 lecturers working at this Department, including the Head of the Department (Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences), 3 Associate Professors, and 5 Assistant Professors.


Practice-oriented tasks which the Department works on, include:

  • Staffing support for the transition of the Russian pharmaceutical industry to the innovative development model: training of pharmacologists-biologists, chemistry pharmacologists, pharmacists for the preclinical stage of research and development of new medicines;
  • Staffing support for the Russian Health Care System with highly qualified professionals – clinical pharmacologists – to ensure the quality of care and to promote health care reform, as well as the provision of Evidence–Based Medicine education for practicing physicians, pharmacists and health managers;
  • Rational use of medicines in clinical practice.


Historical background

The Department's historical background originates from the Department of Pharmacology of Kazan Medical Institute and from the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy of the Kazan State Medical Academy.

The Department has long-standing traditions in medical and pharmaceutical research. It is well known for its developments both in the Russian Federation and globally. All the members of the Department are highly qualified lecturers and leading experts in the field of experimental and clinical pharmacology, are practicing physicians of the highest qualification.