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Second International Conference 'Quality information - for quality use of medicines'

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On 15 and 16 October 2010 Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, hosted the country's first international conference on medicines entirely independent of the pharmaceutical industry – “Quality Information For Quality Use Of Medicines” – QiQUM-2010. Financial support was provided by the Government of Tatarstan Republic and the following conference co-organizers joined forces:

The Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development endorsed the conference and encouraged participation by health authorities as well as medical and pharmaceutical educators from across the Russian Federation. The conference brought together a total of 414 participants from 9 countries and 20 regions of the Russian Federation. Professor T.V. Yakovleva, Deputy Head of the All-Russian political party “United Russia” sent Governmental greetings from the State Duma to the Conference and its participants, wishing them success in their important mission.

International support and expertise were provided by the invited Conference speakers:

Burger Edward J., Jr., M.D., Sc.D., FACP – Director, Eurasian Medical Educational Program, Institute for Health Policy Analysis (Washington D.C., USA);

Mansfield Peter, MD, OAM BMBS – Director of “Healthy Skepticism”, National Institute of Clinical Studies Fellow, and Visiting Research Fellow in the Discipline of General Practice, the University of Adelaide; general practitioner (Adelaide, Australia);

The Conference organizers thank all speakers and participants who made the conference happen and ensured its success and beneficial impact on development of health reform in Russia and the NIS countries!

The Conference materials are available at the Conference website: http://evidenceupdate-tatarstan.ru/confer/

The website provides an interface for future communication and collaborative efforts of like-minded people to face the challenges ahead.

Live broadcasting from conference seminars will NOT be available due to technical issues. Thank you for your interest.

15-16 October 2010


Russain Federation

Welcome message

Dear colleagues,

Five years have passed since the first International conference “Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacovigilance” was held in Kazan (Resolution of 2005 is here)

Pharmacological, pharmaceutical, epidemiological studies aimed at improving quality of pharmacotherapy and individualization of drug treatment have markedly advanced during this period; the concept of personalized medicine has been formulated.

The concept of delivery of independent comparative information on effects of pharmaceutical interventions in various clinical fields and health systems became ever more important.

Analysis of results of randomized controlled trials and pharmacoepidemiology studies acquires new value and re-thinking is going further and deeper.

Practical utility of these achievements is being broadly discussed from various perspectives, including critical approaches.

New knowledge on misleading pharmaceutical information and on its deleterious effects on prescribing practices has accumulated in global health and in arsenal of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

The concept of evidence-based medicine – clinical epidemiology has influenced and changed the science and practice of modern health.

The issues of medical and pharmaceutical education and its information basis have become increasingly important.

The search for and development of new approaches and new information technologies to meet the health policy needs of medicine selection for essential medicines lists and standard treatments guidelines is on-going.

New technologies of pharmaceutical knowledge management are urgently needed to be developed and introduced into practice of basic, clinical and pharmaceutical education and in healthcare practice.

The issues of generation of new knowledge on medicines – from the basic research of drug effects, safety and public health value, up to its final presentation to health professionals require priority decisions.

New information technologies, technologies of delivery of independent medicine information to health professionals and general public should become one of mechanisms of new knowledge management.

The issues of new medicine knowledge management for the sake of medicine use for the health and welfare of people will be discussed at the 2nd International conference “Quality information for quality use of medicines”.

We invite you to take active part in this conference.

The organizing committee