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Getting involved does not require formal qualifications. Many of Cochrane's contributors work in research or healthcare institutions, but many others get involved simply because they are interested in a particular area of health, or in Cochrane's work generally. Some people work on Cochrane projects during working hours, others in their spare time, in workplaces or at home. Cochrane contributors come from everywhere - more than 130 countries around the world.

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Cochrane is an incredible global community. Our Members and Supporters around the world work together to improve health and healthcare for all. We do this by putting trusted evidence at the heart of health decisions. If you share our vision, join our global community today and support Cochrane’s work.

Join us today as a Cochrane Supporter. Every Supporter who participates in our work can become a Cochrane Member. Working towards Cochrane Membership is a great opportunity to develop new skills and make a difference in the health evidence field.

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Join us - Join in - Make a difference