Strategy to 2020

The Strategy to 2020 is Cochrane’s response to a changing landscape in global health care. It defines the organization’s direction for the next five years and provides the framework for strategic decision making.

Building on our original ten principles, the Strategy to 2020 outlines four key goal areas to focus Cochrane’s work. The first three goals, which are interdependent and of equal priority, concentrate on:

  • the production of high-quality evidence;
  • making Cochrane evidence accessible and useful to everyone, everywhere in the world; and
  • making Cochrane the ‘home of evidence’ to enable informed decision making.

The fourth goal, which underpins and supports the other three, centres around:

  • building an organization that is effective and sustainable in a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex healthcare and publishing environment.

The complete text of the Strategy to 2020 is available to download.