Educational and research activities of the Department correspond to the respective priority areas of science and development in Russia and to Kazan Federal University Development Program which focuses on biological and medical technology, the technology of living systems, environmental management, information and communication technology; education systems, and most importantly – pharmaceutical research (Federal Program “Pharma 2020”) and clinical pharmacology. 



020400.68 Biology, Master's program – Pharmacology

020400.68 Biology, Master's program – Information Technology in Pharmacology


060301.65 – Pharmacy; awaiting licensing approval

Career prospectives: 

Graduates of the department are highly qualified specialists in pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, and pharmaceutical regulation, they carry out complex medical and biological research in the field of pharmacology.

A Master degree holder in Biology/Pharmacology is prepared for work in a variety of research and technology pharmaceutical enterprises for research and development of new drugs, at various levels of medicine regulation, including government agencies and committees, laboratories of pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies, research institutes, and universities, including teaching pharmacology at higher and secondary (medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary) schools.

Admission to the Master's program is based on the competitive selection in the form of examination in biology and review of the application submitted by the candidate.