First announcement

First announcement

International conference

«Quality information –

– for quality use of medicines»


15-16 October, 2010,

Kazan, Russia


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan,

The Administration of the Federal surveillance services in health and social development in the Republic of Tatarstan, and

The Kazan State Medical Academy,

Eurasian academy of medical sciences,

GEOTAR publishing group

are organizing an International Conference «Quality information – for quality use of medicines» timed to the 25thanniversary of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy of the KSMA and to the 10thanniversary of formulary system implementation in the Republic of Tatarstan in the framework of the WHO Essential Medicines Concept.


The most important issues of pharmaceutical policy, medicine regulation and use which directly depend on medicine information, on scientific basis of medicine efficacy and safety assessment and medicines’ value to public health as well as problems of delivery of this information to health community and public will be discussed and put on the high political agenda.

Among the priority problems are the following: misleading medicine information and ways to its understanding; conflict of interest in modern healthcare, activities of sales representatives and the impact on health systems, which were identified by the leadership of the Russian Federation – its President D.A. Medvedev and Prime-minister V.V. Putin as the priority issues for change.


The World International leaders in medicine information – representatives of International Society of Independent Drug Bulletins, International Organisation “Healthy Scepticism”, Le revue Prescrire, the Cochrane Collaboration, the World Health Organisation and Russian scientists have been invited to participate in the conference.


The Organizing Committee warmly invites you to take part in the Conference.


The scientific program will include plenary sessions, seminars, workshops and young scientists’ competition on the following topics:

  • Quality/rational use of medicines
  • Information technologies in pharmaceuticals, clinical pharmacology and medicine regulation and policies
  • Pharmacovigilance, safety of medicines
  • Evidence-based medicine in clinical pharmacology and pharmaceutical policies
  • International integration and harmonisation in medicine regulation
  • Pharmaceutical policy and its analysis
  • Development of the Russian domestic pharmaceutical sector
  • Programmes of medicine supply management;
  • Formulary system and standards in healthcare systems, development of guidelines
  • Drug supply systems for hospitals and communities
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics

The Organizing Committee invites you to submit abstracts. The Conference Proceedings will be published in a special issue of the Journal “Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics” (Publishing Group "GEOTAR-Media").


Abstracts’ preparation


The abstracts should include the following sections: Background, Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusions. The abstract should not exceed 2 pages (A4).


Positioning on the page:


1 line – payment information (not for international submissions)

2 line – family name, first name and second name (if applicable), address, telephone, e-mail of the corresponding author

3 line – affiliation – the institution, department, laboratory, the head of the dept/lab, the city

4 line – the title of the abstract (in BLOCK CAPITALS)

5 line – the text of the abstract: 12, Times New Roman, single spaced, margins 2,5 cm on all sides.


Example of abstract lay-out



Background: brief

Objective: clear-cut, well-defined

Methods: defining methods of statistical analysis

Results: concrete specific data, WITHOUT TABLES OR GRAPHS!

Conclusions: corresponding to the objectives and methods.


Abstracts can be delivered to the Organizing Committee by email, as attachments (word or RTF files), to the following addresses:

On-line submission and on-line registration for the conference are at:


Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Council of the Conference. Only successfully peer-reviewed materials will be published.


Deadline for abstracts submission – 15 July 2010

Deadline for abstracts submission – 15 August 2010


Payment for abstracts’ publication 450 Russian rubles – on-site payment and on-site registration will be available.


Banking details (in Russian):

Transfer in rubles:

Р/С 40703810062190100582 в ОСБ «БАНК ТАТАРСТАН» №8610 Г.КАЗАНИ,

БИК 049205603 К/С 30101810600000000603

ИНН 1653005824 КПП 165501001


Transfer in US$:

Р/С 40703840862190200649 в ОСБ «БАНК ТАТАРСТАН» №8610 Г.КАЗАНИ,

БИК 049205603 К/С 30101810600000000603

ИНН 1653005824 КПП 165501001

Transfer in GB pounds:

Р/С 40703826862190200650 в ОСБ «БАНК ТАТАРСТАН» №8610 Г.КАЗАНИ,

БИК 049205603 К/С 30101810600000000603

ИНН 1653005824 КПП 165501001


Hotel information will be sent in future email messages.


We will be happy to welcome you to the ancient Kazan –

the unique place where East and West come together – for health, culture and prosperity!