Third Announcement

Symposium program


Dear Colleagues!

The Research & Education Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Cochrane Russia at KFU with Cochrane leading researchers and Wiley Publishing House invite you to take part in the annual Cochrane Systematic Review Symposium:  Cochrane Systematic Reviews as a key resource for health challenges in Knowledge Translation, to be held on December, the 7th of 2018.

With this symposium we will celebrate the three-years of Cochrane Russia launch as a Cochrane Russia Coordination Hub at the Kazan Federal University and is the fourth in a series of Cochrane Russia training activities on evidence-based medicine and Cochrane Systematic Reviews started in 2015.

At the symposium, invited leading experts and researchers, health care managers, and representatives of the Russian academic community will discuss the current challenges of evidence-based medicine and health care, clinical research and development of evidence-based medicine guidelines, and Cochrane activities in the Russian Federation.

Invited Professor Gerd Antes (Cochrane Germany) will present a unique lecture on the central role of Cochrane Knowledge Translation in health policy and practice, in quality research agenda setting process to overcome the growing current challenges in health and academic environment.

The symposium is for health care professionals, researchers and teachers of biomedical disciplines; the research agenda managers and decision makers, the academic community; heads of health authorities and health managers; members and managers of ethical committees, librarians; undergraduates and postgraduate students of medical, biological and pharmaceutical universities and other interested parties.

The symposium is held with the support of the Kazan Federal University and the Wiley Publishing House (the Publisher of the Cochrane Library).

Date and time of the symposium: December 7, 2018, 10.00-17.00

from 9.30 to 10.00 - all registered participants are kindly asked to come to the registration desk for the symposium handouts.


Kazan Federal University, University Library named after N.I Lobachevsky, Conference Room (auditorium 104, 1st floor)

35 Kremlin Street, Kazan, Russian Federation

Meet the Symposium Speakers:

Gerd Antes
Professor, Institute for Evidence Based Medicine Cochrane Deutschland, Foundation Cochrane Germany
University Clinic, Freiburg, Germany
Vladimir Davydovich Mendelevich
Director of the Mental Health Research Institute
Head of the Department of Medical Psychology, Kazan State Medical University
WHO expert
MD, PhD, DSci, Professor

Elena Vladimirovna Verbitskaya
Chief of Dept. Pharmacoepidemiology and Biostatistics,
Associate Professor, Dept. Clinical Pharmacology and EBM,
St.Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University

Chavdar Savovich Pavlov
Director of Sechenov University’s
Centre for Evidence Based Medicine
Professor, MD, Ph.D., MScD,

Lidiya Vyacheslavovna Kisser
Head of Drug Supply
and Information Technology Department
Chief Specialist
Clinical Pharmacologist
Ministry of Health of the Kaliningrad region

Yudina Ekaterina Victorovna
Cochrane Russia, Со-Director
Research & Education Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Cochrane Russia
Kazan Federal University

Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina
Cochrane Russia, Director
Professor, Research & Education Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Cochrane Russia
Kazan Federal University
MD, PhD, DSci



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