Webinar “Core principles for dissemination: a checklist for improving the quality of Cochrane’s dissemination products”

Webinar "Core principles for dissemination: a checklist for improving the quality of Cochrane's dissemination products" 
Date and time of the webinar: March 17 (Tuesday), 15:00 (Moscow time)

Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to take part in a unique Cochrane Evidence Dissemination webinar on March 17 (Tuesday), 2020 (15:00 Moscow time).
The webinar materials were prepared by Cochrane Knowledge Translation Department and kindly provided to Cochrane Russia for translation and implementing the webinar for Russian-speaking audiences. Cochrane Knowledge Translation Department also provides technical support of the webinar. 
At the webinar, you can learn about the basic principles of developing and improving the quality of Cochrane information materials based on the checklist developed by Cochrane Norway with the support from Cochrane Knowledge Translation Department, key points and practical application of the checklist, the main goals and objectives of dissemination.
The knowledge gained at the webinar will help you not only better understand what Cochrane does to improve the quality of Cochrane Evidence dissemination, but also independently use the checklist when developing and reading Cochrane reviews (and other types of reviews and scientific studies), as well as preparation and analysis of other information resources in the field of medicine and healthcare, intended both for health professionals and the general public at large.
The webinar is intended for health professionals, authors of Cochrane systematic reviews (and other types of reviews and research studies) and dissemination resources based on Cochrane evidence, developers of health information materials, decision-makers on health policy, teachers, students, graduate students, researchers, representatives of professional health and patient / consumer communities, as well as for anyone interested in development and use of evidence in health, and in knowledge translation for professionals and public.
The webinar is conducted by: Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina, MD, PhD, D.Sci, Professor, Director of Cochrane Russia
Participation in the webinar is free.
Webinar Duration: 40 minutes.
To participate in the webinar, you must register. After registration, you will receive an email with additional information on how to join the webinar.
Register for the webinar: https://bit.ly/2wOxJXp