Request for Proposal: Help Cochrane monitor and evaluate its Knowledge Translation work?

Cochrane is delighted to share this Request for Proposal for a new project to develop and support the monitoring and evaluation work of Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation (KT) activities.

Knowledge Translation in Cochrane is defined as “the process of supporting the use of health evidence from our high quality, trusted Cochrane Reviews by those who need it to make health decisions.” 

Across Cochrane, KT activities are designed and implemented in a way which we hope is most likely to impact on the usefulness, and the use of, our reviews. We know that understanding how to monitor and evaluate knowledge translation work is a topic that has consistently been identified as a priority. As more Cochrane groups develop their KT work, providing support (which may include training, guidance and examples) to develop mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation is imperative so that we can work towards understanding the impact of Cochrane evidence on affecting change in policy and practice.

This new and exciting opportunity is a commissioned piece of work open to anyone within Cochrane’s Community as well as external organizations working in this area. The successful proposal will help develop formal frameworks and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating Cochrane’s KT activities and to develop training materials and resources to support Cochrane contributors and members build plans for monitoring and evaluating their KT work programmes.

We are looking for a successful project team with the following skills:

  • An in-depth understanding of programme theory (logic models and/or theory of change) and monitoring and evaluation framework; and, with the expertise and experience to apply this understanding into practical implementation;
  • Experience of working with at least one of the Cochrane’s KT audiences, (consumers and the public; practitioners; policy-makers and healthcare managers; researchers and research funders) to develop both programme theories (logic models and/or theory of change) and developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks based on these with a focus on implementation;

Further details of objectives and deliverables are available in the Request for Proposal.

All applications should be sent via email to Jo Anthony, Head of Knowledge Translation, by Thursday 31st October 2019, 17:00 GMT.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Jo or Karen Head, Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation Project Manager (

  • Review the Request for Proposal
  • Find out more about Knowledge Translation in Cochrane.
Friday, September 27, 2019