The first in history Cochrane training workshop in Russia (!)

Systematic Reviews in Health: an introductory training day

Cochrane working group and the Kazan Federal University as a Russian Branch of the Nordic Cochrane Centre invite you to participate in this training day, which provides an introductory overview of all aspects of systematic reviewing in health. It is designed for health professionals, academics and decision makers with an understanding of health and related research and those of them who are willing to get involved in Cochrane activities in Russia.

Places are limited (25 participants maximum).

Outline of the day will include:

What is a systematic review?

The role of Cochrane systematic reviews in decision-making

Scoping the research question

Literature searching

Inclusion/exclusion screening

Data extraction & critical appraisal

Data synthesis

Date: 8th December 2015

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

The aim of the workshop is to provide introduction to Cochrane systematic reviews and their role in decision-making, as well as to facilitate participants in preparing a protocol, including title registration. The workshop is open to people who have good enough command of English and are prepared to learn and able to dedicate their time to Cochrane work and activities. (see: How to get involved).

The course material for this workshop is the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.

We advise to read in advance “Users' Guides to the Medical Literature” by

Gordon Guyatt, Drummond Rennie, Maureen O. Meade, and Deborah J. Cook at JAMAevidence Using Evidence to Improve Care:

When registering, please submit a brief CV of at least 1 A-4 page and a letter of motivation, and send it by e-mail to Ekaterina Yudina.

The rationale behind and the main characteristics of a Cochrane protocol will be discussed briefly at the workshop. We have allotted the end of the training day to a detailed discussion of the individual participants' ideas for protocol development.

Deadline for registration is four weeks before the workshop. A minimum of five participants is required to complete the workshop.

Register online

The Russian Branch of the Nordic Cochrane Centre at the Kazan Federal University

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420008, Russian Federation

For further information please contact Ekaterina Yudina at