David Sackett’s Prize 2019 to Sir Iain Chalmers

The 9th International Conference for Evidence-based Health Care Teachers and Developers, organized by the GIMBE Foundation as a joint meeting with the 8th Conference of the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care, took place in the enchanting setting of Taormina (Sicily, Italy) between 6th and 9th November.

In the presence of over 200 delegates including some of the world’s leading experts from 33 countries on five continents, the GIMBE Foundation established an award named in memory of David Sackett, the undisputed father of Evidence-Based Medicine. The first edition of the prestigious award was assigned to Sir Iain Chalmers for:

  • leading to the development of the Cochrane Collaboration
  • launching the James Lind Initiative to help people to recognise untrustworthy claims about the effects of treatments
  • his flourishing scientific production: more than 500 papers in peer reviewed journals in the Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC) field
  • his influential books
  • his courage, shared with Paul Glasziou, in pointing out research waste as a barrier to EBHC
  • being a maverick: an unusual mix of biting British humour, insatiable intellectual curiosity, and Oxfordian self-composure

In his touching speech of thanks, Sir Iain referred to Sackett’s inspired and inspiring leadership of the Evidence-Based Medicine movement, his invaluable contribution as the first chair of the Cochrane Collaboration, and his precious contributions to the James Lind Library. Sir Iain ended his speech stating ironically that «EBM’s proselytization is now occurring on a global scale and threatens the very existence of “for profit”, “doctor-centred”, “authoritarian” medicine as we know it», and was warning clinicians to beware of being seduced by the Siren calls of the priests and priestesses of Evidence-Based Health Care in Taormina.

The report of the ceremony is available at: www.ebhcconference.org/previous_editions/2019/presentations/02.04.%20Cartabellotta_Sackett_Prize.pdf

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