Cochrane workshop 2017 «Cochrane systematic reviews: from protocol to review - logistics and challenges» – two training days (27-28 October 2017)

The second information message

Dear colleagues!

Research and Education Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Cochrane Russia of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology at the Kazan Federal University (including Coordinating hub of Cochrane Russia – the Russian Branch of the Nordic Cochrane Centre) and international researchers from Cochrane Austria and Cochrane Nordic invite you to participate in the two day workshop «Cochrane systematic reviews: from protocol to review - logistics and challenges».

The school/workshop is a continuation of a series of training workshops on the development of the Cochrane systematic reviews launched in 2015 and intended for health professionals, researchers, academics, teachers and others, willing to become actively involved in the work of Cochrane, willing to commit to development of Cochrane systematic reviews as authors or peer reviewers, and to Cochrane activities in Russia.

The aim of the school/workshop is to provide methodological support to potential authors of Cochrane systematic reviews, particularly researchers, for the first time planning to develop a Cochrane systematic review, to help participants in finding their way through the process of writing a Cochrane systematic review – from protocol to full review.

Outline of the days will include: systematic literature search, selecting studies, data extraction, risk of bias assessment, data analysis, use of supporting software (Covidence and RevMan).

Requirements to the school/workshop participants: The workshop is open to people who have good enough command of English and are prepared to learn and able to dedicate their time to Cochrane work and activities.

Places are limited (15 participants). 


Kazan Federal University,  Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, Research and Education Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Cochrane Russia

74 Karl Marx Street / 8 Shmidta Street / 9 Paris Commune Street

420008, Russian Federation

Registration fee for workshop participants is 1200 rubles.

Please register on-line here

When registering, please provide a brief CV/summary (in the attached formand send it by e-mail to: 

The deadline for registration is 10 days prior to the workshop.

For questions related to the workshop, please contact us by e-mail:

Bank details for money transfer (registration fee), detailed Workshop Program and additional information will be provided in our next information messages.