Cochrane Russia Open Webinar for Tashkent Medical Academy

On January 16, Cochrane Russia Director, Professor Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina delivered a webinar “Cochrane in the World and in Russia: how does Cochrane produce the most trusted reviews of evidence?” for staff members and Masters students of the Department of Psychiatry and of the School of Public Health of the Tashkent Medical Academy. The webinar was organized on the initiative of Yekaterina Mikhailovna Lyan, an assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry (Tashkent), and Alina Kim, a graduate student of the pharmaceutical division of IFMiB, Kazan Federal University.
Liliya Eugenevna told the seminar participants about the key characteristics of Cochrane systematic reviews, their importance for informed decision making in health and their role and the role of the Cochrane collaboration in global health, illustrating with examples from the iconic Cochrane review, which forest plot provided the basis for Cochrane logo, and the latest reviews of evidence of effects of various interventions in psychiatric practice. Liliya Eugenevna shared information on Cochrane Russia activities and the opportunities for collaboration for health professionals. The participants discussed the information presented with great enthusiasm and expressed their desire and preparedness to join Cochrane Russia activities and contribute to development of evidence-based medicine using its golden standard - Cochrane systematic reviews.
The webinar became another Cochrane Russia contribution to Cochrane Knowledge Translation (KT) to health science and practice.