Статья "Towards evidence based research"

In 2016, Evidence-Based Research Network members (the international community for Evidence-Based Research, EBR) published an analytical paper in BMJ (British Medical Journal) “Towards evidence-based research”, which introduced the concept of EBR and the role of EBR in preventing research  waste. The paper contains EBR Statement detailing the responsibilities of various stakeholders in achieving EBR goals and an EBR flowchart.

In the fifth issue of 2019, the Kazan Medical Journal published a translation of this article into Russian.

Flowchart of Evidence-Based Research from "Towards Evidence-Based Research" Lund H., Brunnhuber K., Juhl C., Robinson K., Leenaar M., Dorch BF, Jamtvedt G., Nortvedt MW, Christensen R. , Chalmers I .. Kazan Medical Journal. 2019; 100 (5): 733-739

Friday, 15 November, 2019