Cochrane Russia students conference contributing to Global Health at 40 years of Essential Medicines

14 april 2017 г.

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Section of Pharmacology and Clinical pharmacology:
Cochrane Russia students conference contributing to Global Health at 40 years of Essential Medicines   
The head - professor, MD, PhD, DSci L.E. Ziganshina
Oral reports

14 April74 Karl Marx Street, Auditorium 118A10:00

Conviners: Garayeva Aizyara and Kurbatova Olga, Masters students

Foreword by Professor Hans V. Hogerzeil  (MD, PhD, DSc, FRCP Edin, Professor of Global Health and the Right to Health, Groningen University, Netherlands

  1. Agletdinova Elnara, 2nd year Masters student. ABC / VEN-analysis at a tertiary health institution. Supervisor - Associate Professor A.F. Titarenko.
  2. Gazizova Albina, 1st year Masters student. Analysis of data on safety and efficacy of drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Supervisor - Associate Professor R.G. Gamirova.
  3. Garaeva Aizyara,  2nd year Masters student. Frequency of occurrence of alleles of CYP2S9, CYP2D6 genes among the Volga Tatars. Supervisor - Associate Professor O.A. Kravtsova.
  4. Daniyarov Zhomart,  2nd year Masters student. Comparative analysis of medicine lists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Supervisor - Associate Professor T.R. Abakumova.
  5. Dinh Thi Lan, 2nd year Masters student. Factors affecting formation of biofilms on model systems of bacilli. Supervisor - Professor M.Sh. Sharipova.
  6. Dzhumalieva Elnura and Masalbekova Aida, 2nd year Masters students. Analysis of medicine advertising on television. Supervisor - Professor L.E. Ziganshina.
  7. Zenkova L.ayla, 2nd year Masters student. Membranotropic activity of new potential anti-inflammatory molecules. Supervisor - Associate Professor V.N. Khaziakhmetova and Professor L.E. Ziganshina.
  8. Kurbatova Olga1st year Masters student. Meta-analysis and systematic review of the effectiveness of vaccines against dermatophytosis in cats and dogs.
  9. Miryakupova Sanya, 2nd year Masters student. Comparative evaluation of experimental models for screening of new antiepileptic drugs. Supervisor - Associate Professor R.G. Gamirova
  10. Karpenko Anastasya and Mishin Arthur 1st year Masters students. Antiepileptic activity of domestic drugs dimephosphon and mebicar. Supervisor - Associate Professor T.R. Abakumova.
  11. Muraveva Olga, 1st year Masters student and Jamalbekov Almaz (Master, 2nd year). A study of the effects of haloperidol on chronic autoimmune inflammation (experimental study). Supervisor - Associate Professor V.N. Khaziakhmetova.
  12. Nizamova Chulpan, 2nd year Masters student. Antihypertensive therapy: results of survey of people with arterial hypertension. Supervisors - Associate Professor Е.V. Yudina and Professor L.E. Ziganshina.
  13. Sadykova Elzada, 2nd year Masters student. Adverse effects of drugs: analysis of information from consumers. Supervisors - Associate Professor Е.V. Yudina and Professor L.E. Ziganshina.
  14. Tashtanbekova Cholpon, 2nd year Masters student. The need for painkillers for puerperas after the Caesarean section, depending on the differences in the use of drugs for anesthesia. Supervisor - Associate Professor  A.A. Korableva.
  15. Chan Huu Thanh, 2nd year Masters student. Pharmacotherapy of arterial hypertension in adolescents: clinical recommendations and real practice. Supervisors - Associate Professor Е.V. Yudina and Professor L.E. Ziganshina.
  16. Sharafutdinova Guzel, 1st year Masters student. Efficacy and safety of drugs for obesity. Supervisor - Associate Professor R.G. Gamirova.


Summing up of the conference and preparing for the March for Science:

14 April74 Karl Marx Street, Auditorium 118A14:30